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Sep 20, 2021
In Share Your Memories of Susan
I first met Susan when I joined the April Fools quilting group in 1989. The group met monthly, and at each meeting I was delighted and inspired by Susan’s latest creation. Later, after Susan and Don had built their dream cabin in Strawberry, they graciously invited the group up for annual summer getaways. Surrounded by forest, river and Susan’s amazing art, it was a wonderful setting for making quilts. But there was also time for just sharing stories and ideas, for dog walks and bird watching, for cooking and enjoying great meals together, and oh—who could forget Susan’s mouth-watering desserts! Masterpieces in their own right! Susan was very much attuned to the natural beauty around her--the rocks, the wildlife, the sound and movement of the river--and she noticed and appreciated small things that might be overlooked by others. I'm so glad she was able to retire to her mountain paradise, and I feel grateful and privileged to have shared time with her there. I’ll miss you, Susan. Susan, fellow quilter Anna, and inspirational art
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