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Sep 12, 2021
In Share Your Memories of Susan
I was living in a commune in North Oakland, where Don was living as well. Susan was a talented painter and I was a budding photographer, and we are both Aires, and so we clicked right away. (I took the first photo on here, albeit not a great shot, of Susan and her beloved dog, Ryder.) Susan introduced me to many interesting people and many different things as I was only 18 at that time. She was an integral part of The Model's Guild of San Francisco and got me an audition! Over the years our lives took different paths, and we lost touch when they moved from Alameda to Strawberry, and I ended up living in Europe a couple different times. I was happy to see her, talk to her, catch up and make plans to see each other again, at a birthday party in Sacramento for a mutual friend a couple years ago. (see photo - I am the one on the other side of Don.) I am sorry that I won't get a chance to see her again in this life.
I met Susan in 1968! content media


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